The Deja You Difference:

Botox treatment is the most-frequently performed aesthetic procedure in the United States. In involves the injection of a low dose of a neurotoxin, or nerve blocker, into the muscles of the face to reduce wrinkles and provide a more youthful appearance. At Deja You, we have our own unique style of Botox treatment that our patients tell us is the best they have ever had.


Individualized Botox Treatment

Unlike most practitioners who utilize only one concentration of Botox for all muscles of the face, we use different concentrations depending on the size and strength of the muscle being treated. This style of treatment has 2 main benefits: It results in a more natural Botox treatment where our clients look less "frozen", and it results in a lower-cost treatment and saves our clients money. The use of fewer units in the forehead also results in a superior Botox brow lift and greatly reduces the possibility of "dropped" or flattened eyebrows.


A Fantastic Opportunity

In addition to offering Botox treatment at our two locations, we provide mobile services and the ability to deliver treatments at hosted parties. Simply contact us with your request, and we will work with you on scheduling a Botox Party at a time an location of your choice. We offer discounts based on attendance, so parties are a great way to receive exceptional treatment at a great value.

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