CoolSculpting: Lose fat the easy way

CoolSculpting is a noninvasive way to lose stubborn inches that are resistant to diet and exercise. It works by a phenomenon called "cryolipolysis", which means the destruction of fat cells from exposure to cold temperatures. After a treatment is performed, a percentage of fat cells in the treatment field will be eliminated from the body and a noticeable reduction in fat will occur. Typically, a 22% improvement is seen. Although much improvement is seen in the first month, results will continue to improve out to 6 months.

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The Process

  1. Consultation: One of our providers will evaluate your areas of concern and formulate a treatment plan to meet your needs.
  2. Schedule treatment.
  3. Perform treatment.

Our CoolSculpt machine is updated with the latest technology, called CoolAdvantage. The CoolAdvantage applicators use lower suction for improved comfort and treat larger areas than the applicators used by most providers. Treatment times are significantly reduced as well. We call that a win-win-win.

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