Dermal Fillers

Dermal Fillers: A Fountain of Youth

Fillers are an essential way to replace tissue volume that is lost as part of the normal aging process. The treatment involves injection of a product (we use hyaluronic acid-based products) into areas of volume loss in order to build up areas of the face that provide a more youthful appearance. The firmness of a particular filler is determined by the amount of cross-linking between the molecules. So firm fillers are best for enhancing areas of bone (such as cheek augmentation), and soft fillers are ideal to use around the eyes and for enhancement of the lips.

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Treatment Comfort

Is the injection uncomfortable? Not here! Depending on the area being treated, we use lidocaine injections, nerve blocks, and microcannulas in an effort to make sure that our clients are completely comfortable during the treatment process.

What is a microcannula? Although it looks similar to a needle, it is actually a flexible catheter that has a rounded tip. The rounded tip allows the catheter to glide through the treatment area without causing any discomfort to the patient. The product is then delivered through a hole that is on the side of the catheter near the tip.


In addition to dramatic improvement in comfort, microcannulas are much safer than standard needles since they do not damage nerves or blood vessels. This also means that patients will usually experience no bruising whatsoever, resulting in zero downtime from treatment.

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